Thu 04 Mar

How to save money: Top 10 Stress-free Tips and tricks

Thu 04 Mar

How to save money: Top 10 Stress-free Tips and tricks

The famous saying goes: Watch the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

Temptation to spend has never been higher, we can purchase almost anything at the touch of a button and the entry of your 3-digit security code, in many ways it’s become harder than ever to save money, especially for some, saving during lockdown.

However, the digital revolution has brought with it some clever ways to save money, you’ve just got to know where to look…

So, whether it’s saving money through smart savings accounts, tracking your spending, using discount codes, earning cashback every time you shop or cutting your bills, we have all the best ways to save money right here...


Top 10 Money Saving Tip


1.    Money Saving Apps

A great example of how tech can help you save money, not just spend more, is the rise in money saving apps. Simply install apps such a Plum or Yolt to your smart phone and enter your details. Their smart savings tools help you track your money, improve personal savings, cut your costs and achieve your savings goals.

All of these apps are financially regulated meaning you're 100% safe and secure all of the time, making them great way to start saving now.


2.    Cut the costs of your bills

For most of us our fixed outgoings are the biggest costs and we usually think we’re on the best deal, whether that’s for gas, electric, broadband or TV deals. Well think again, offers and deals from top suppliers or new brands are constantly changing and you could save hundreds per year.

Save on Gas and Electric

Look After My Bills are one of our favourites here at FreeClub. The company broke records when they featured on Dragon’s Den and their free, effortless switching service automatically finds the cheapest deals for you in your area. Many of our users have saved around £250 per year, just on their gas and electric bills!

Also consider using smart meters or switching to green energy suppliers such as Bulb for energy saving and cost saving.

Save on your mobile phone bill

Many of us don’t realise quite how much we overpay on our mobile phone contracts, especially after the fixed-period or with sim only deals. Doing research before you take out a contract is always best, many people are now buying phones outright or on credit and then taking advantage of fantastic sim-only deals, often saving up to £25 per month!

We compared hundreds of deals and the one that came out on top was VOXI, (uses Vodafone signal), low monthly costs, generous data packages and even unlimited social media and streaming data! Check their deals right here starting at £10 per month.


3.    Earn Cashback when you shop online

Millions of us up and down the country are making the most of online cashback. Sites such as OhMyDosh, Quidco and Topcashback make it easier than ever to earn rewards every time you shop online. Simply sign up and every time you make a purchase go and see if the retailer is on the cashback sites, if they are simply click the link to go to the retailers site, complete your purchase and wait for your cashback. Rewards range from 1% right up to 20% and always keep an eye out for special promotions.

In the last 12 months I’ve earnt over £150 in cashback by using it to purchase my car insurance, Christmas shopping and just about everything in between. They also have very generous refer-a-friend schemes, so share the love and earn rewards!


4.    Online Discount Codes

People everywhere are taking advantage of online discount codes, with more and more retailers putting codes out there every day. If you’re anything like me, every time you make a purchase and click pay you think to yourself “I really should have seen if there were any discount codes”. Well, no more regret, simply install Pouch on your browser by clicking here, every time your visit an online store you’ll be notified of any discount codes available.


5.    Haggle with your utility suppliers

Okay, this might not be something everyone is comfortable doing, but it really is worth it. Whether it’s your energy, broadband or TV supplier, there’s a high chance that you can squeeze a better deal out of them.

A great starting point that always works for us, is find yourself a better deal, so if you’re with Sky TV, look at what BT are offering. Then call up customer support (or speak to a live online chat), you want to get yourself through to the cancellation departments and explain that you wish to leave, mention that the price you’re paying is simply too high.

In the last year we managed to knock 40% off our Sky TV bill and got a free 6GB of data per month from EE. For me alone that amounts to saving a massive £540 per year!


6.    Amazon’s Hidden Warehouse Deals

Bet you didn’t know about this little hidden gem? The Amazon Warehouse is home to some of the biggest online bargains including the latest electronics, toys and clothing. When someone returns a product, either opened or not, Amazon resell it back into the Warehouse store. This means you can save loads on millions of “Like-new” products, ranging from high value electronics, to toys and clothing.

7.    Buy cheap gift cards

If you’re planning to make a purchase from a specific retailer, both instore or online, then we recommend checking out discounted gift cards. Card Yard is one of the best sites out there for buying discounted cards, often saving you up to 20% with retailers such as Curry’s, Pandora and M&S. It's also a great way to sell unwanted gift cards.

If you’re into gaming then check out CDKeys, they offer great discounts on video game downloads, marketplace credits and online subscriptions. Earlier this year I bought 1 year of Xbox Live for just £34.99 (usually £49.99) they often have 1-month subscriptions available from as little as £2.99.


8.    Ask about discounts that might be available

When you’re out shopping on the high street it’s always worth checking if you’re entitled to any savings or discounts. Hundreds of local and national businesses offer discounts to students, emergency service staff, teachers, care workers and much more!

Check out our guide here to saving money for emergency service staff.


9.    Sell your unwanted items

We’re all guilty of buying something, using it once, then letting it collect dust in the back of the wardrobe, never to see the light of day again. Well it’s never been easier to cash-in on your unwanted good thanks to a whole array of apps and sites.

Best Ways to Sell online

eBay: By far the most popular, sell anything. 1000 free listings, 10% sales fee

Shpock: Sell anything you want, no listing fees or sales fees unless you wish to use extra promotions.

Depop: 0 listing fees, 10% sales fees, mainly for fashion and clothing items.

Facebook Marketplace: One of the biggest audiences available, free to sell, best for attracting local buyers


10. Buy generic or unbranded

This is probably the most hassle-free way to save money every time you shop. Ditch the big brands for supermarket or grocery store own versions. Obviously, we all like our favourite crisps or chocolate bar, we don’t expect people to switch everything, but why not try own-brand soups or cheeses? Many customers are able to knock 40% off their shopping bill with these simple switches.

These supermarket brands and discount brands have come a long way over the last few years and many of them come out on top in blind taste test!

Check out this impartial Which? Guide for more on saving money and getting quality with budget food brands.


Do you have other great ways of saving money? Why not get in touch with us at

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