Mon 31 Jul

Tailor Made Dog Food, FREE

Mon 31 Jul

Tailor Made Dog Food, FREE are offering an exclusive deal you won't want to miss: a FREE 2 week supply of their tailor-made pet food! If you're wondering why you should join the tail-wagging fun, here are the top reasons to jump on board:

Tailored Nutrition for Your Precious Pal:

Every pet is unique, and that's why has cracked the code to personalized nutrition. When you sign up, you'll take a quick and easy online consultation to provide essential details about your pet's breed, age, activity level, and specific dietary preferences. The result? A tailor-made meal plan designed to meet your fur baby's individual needs, ensuring they get the right nutrients for optimal health and happiness.

Free Bag, No Strings Attached:

Yes, you heard it right! is generously offering a FREE bag of their custom-made food for your pet. There's no catch or hidden fees - just a sincere desire to let you and your furry pal experience the joy of personalised nutrition. It's the perfect opportunity to see if is the right fit for your pet's needs without any commitment.

Tasty and Irresistible Meals:

When it comes to pet food, taste matters! With, you're giving your furry companion a delectable culinary experience. Their food is not only nutritionally balanced but also scrumptious, making mealtime a wag-tastic affair for your four-legged friend. 

Expert Nutritionists at Your Service:

Behind's amazing service are a team of pet nutritionists who truly care about your pet's well-being. They take the time to analyze your pet's profile and create a meal plan that addresses their specific requirements. Whether your pet needs a grain-free option, weight management, or any other dietary consideration, has got you covered.

Convenient Delivery to Your Doorstep:

Forget the hassle of lugging heavy bags of pet food from the store. With, you can bid farewell to those stressful trips. They offer free delivery straight to your doorstep, so you never have to worry about running out of food. Plus, their subscription service ensures you get fresh supplies right on time, saving you time and effort.

A Healthy Pet = A Happy Pet Parent:

We all want the best for our pet and their health is paramount. By providing them with a personalised meal plan from, you'll have peace of mind knowing you're giving them the nutrition they deserve. A happy and healthy pet means a happy pet parent, and that's priceless!

So, are you ready to treat your furry friend to a delightful culinary adventure? Head over to and claim your FREE bag today! Embrace the joy of personalized pet nutrition and let your pet experience the ultimate tail-wagging delight!




By Liam - Freebie Hunter

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